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This is a huge obstacle that many people face when entering the world of online marketing: Should I become a trading partner or do I need to create and sell my own product.?
Before I begin, let me quickly identify two business models so that we can understand how money is formed with each.

• Affiliate Marketing. In this business model, you will earn revenue by referring customers to another person’s product or service. Therefore, basically you sign up with the seller as a partner, and for each product you sell you receive a commission.

• Product Creation: this business model is pretty straightforward; You will create a product and sell it on the market for 100% profit. In this example, we will assume that your product is some kind of information product.

There are many marketers who say that the easiest way to start making money online is affiliate marketing. Just because of the simple fact that you can choose a supplier, which product you want to advertise, register as a partner, start sending traffic to your partners and BOOM sales page! You make money. Sounds pretty easy. You do not need to deal with product creation, setting up websites, working with clients, etc.

. At the same time, there are marketers who say that creating your own product is simpler and more profitable of the two and allows you more control over your business.
In fact, it all depends on your strengths and weaknesses and what you want to do in your business.

Let me get some of the pros and cons of each one and put things in perspective so you can better understand where you want to start.

Affiliate Marketing

This is a strong argument that affiliate marketing is easier to start with why it is recommended as a starting point for newbies.
Here are some of the benefits of affiliate marketing:

• Most of the suppliers / networks of partners are free and very easy to enter. In most cases, you will answer a few basic questions, set up a username and password and get instant access to the area of ​​an associated member in a few minutes.

• Marketing materials are provided. After you set up your profile in the partner area, you will have full access to all marketing materials you need, such as banners, pre-written emails, etc. In the members area, you will also be provided with a unique affiliate link that will transfer your potential customers to a full sales page that is already created for you. Armed with these materials, all you need to focus on is getting traffic to your affiliate site.

• All websites have already been created for you. As a partner, you do not need to deal with the headaches that may arise when creating a website. The supplier did it for you, and as long as you use your affiliate link, your sales and commissions will be tracked by this link and paid for in your account.

• No need to deal with customers. We all know how difficult it is to deal with customers, but as a partner you don’t need to worry about this problem. After you make a sale as an affiliate, all you need to worry about is cashing your check, and the customer is transferred to the supplier.

As you can see, the affiliate marketer definitely has its privileges. Quickly and easily join a supplier / network, all marketing materials and sales pages are provided, and you do not need to deal with customers. You can focus your time on generating traffic, making sales and cashing checks!

Now let me take a look at some of the disadvantages of affiliate marketing and how you can overcome them.

• Competition. Although he may argue that affiliate marketing is the easiest way to make money online, it can be argued that this is the most difficult because of competition. There are hundreds of thousands of affiliate marketers with whom you must compete in order to make a sale. At the same time, many experienced marketers agree that most new affiliate marketers do not know that it is so easy for them to get there.

– One of the best ways to overcome this obstacle is to educate yourself. Always be one step ahead of your competitors, finding out what the top affiliates are doing to give them the edge they need to sell.

• Fields of profit. As I said with affiliate marketing, you make a commission to refer the customer to the supplier, not the creator of the product and the perception of a 100% sale. Thus, there may be a lot of profit that you leave on the table, advertising the product of another, and not your own.

. This obstacle is really not in your control when it comes to affiliate marketing, but the best thing you can do is promote a product with a higher payout of 60-80%, rather than 25-50%. This way you will get more revenue with less sales.

• Building another business. As a partner, not only you generate sales and profits for the vendor, you also help them build their business instead of their own. After you make a sale and pay a commission for the fact that the customer is now in the hands of the seller, who can continue to sell additional products and services to this customer throughout the life of his relationship.

. The best way to learn how to create your own business through affiliate marketing, as well as send customers to the supplier, is to create a landing page that requires the prospect to enter their name and email address before they access the sales page. Thus, the prospect is also on your customer list, and you can directly send them future offers and affiliate products. Now, of course, you will need to encourage them to penetrate their email, for example, distribute a free report, video training, audio files, etc. We’ll touch on this in a future report.

• Lack of control. With affiliate marketing, you really have no control over anything other than creating sales. If the supplier / network decides to close or no longer sell the product that you are advertising, you remain in fourth place. When it comes to creating a product, you have a lot more control over your business and you can make a profit, but we will touch it a few.

– Unfortunately, this is a huge lack of affiliate marketing and something you really can't prepare for. Typically, creating an email list is the best way to make sure that you still have the opportunity to make sales with your current client list when you are setting up a new campaign with a new product.

There are as many flaws as pros in affiliate marketing, but none of these reasons should keep you from starting if this is a business that you want to continue. One important thing you want to keep in mind is to take the time to invest in your education and skills to put yourself ahead of the curve. By doing this, you set yourself apart from the competition and go a step further to make the sale.

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Now, for the second picture, being the product creator and having an army of affiliates promoting your products, when we turn to the pros and cons of creating and selling your own product.

Product Creation

Product creation can be a terrible subject for many, because as a beginner you are most likely skeptical and completely in the dark about how an online business works, not to mention creating a product from scratch. But to your surprise, this really can be one of the easiest ways to make money online.
Let us go into some of the advantages of creating and selling your own product and see why this may be a prospectus that you think is:

• Check out. When it comes to creating a product, you have complete control over almost everything. You control how you sell your product, its price, its delivery, and you completely control every customer you bring to your business, as well as any future purchases they make from you.

• Profit. Of course, this is a huge reason why many people create and sell their own products. As a product creator, you get 100% profit from every sale you make. Now there is an exception when it comes to setting up your own affiliate program and that other affiliates advertise your products, but we will touch on that.

• Branches. When you create your unique product, you can test others to help you build your business. Setting up an affiliate program can be a powerful way to explode your autopilot business. You can offer your affiliates a commission of 30-50%, and they sell their waste to you, especially if your product brings more value to the market. In addition, you can make money while you sleep, because you know that your affiliates are working hard to make your sales.

• Creating a brand. As a product creator, you get the opportunity to create a brand for yourself in the market of your chosen topic. Since your product is unique, you can name the product on your own and create a brand around this topic. This is very important if you want to build your business through word of mouth advertising, which, as we all know, is the most powerful form of advertising.

As you can see, there are also some great advantages for creating and selling your own product. You have complete control over everything, you will earn more money, you can build an army of branches, and you can build a brand for yourself and your business. But, as in everything, there is a flaw, so let's take the following.

Here are a few drawbacks of creating a product and how you can overcome them:

• Time. When it comes to your time, creating your own product will certainly take longer, and then simply register as a partner. Not only will it take time to create your product, but you also need to create a website to sell your product. And it can be a headache, which we will talk about further.

. The great thing about creating a product is that you can outsource almost all the processes involved in launching your business. You can literally pay a professional writer to write your information product for you, and you take out a loan for it. Of course, you always want the evidence to read it and change it a bit to fit your personality and style.

• Websites. Once your product is complete, you cannot make a profit unless you can publish it on the Internet. For some, this may be your worst nightmare. This can cause you a lot of headaches, especially if you do not understand the technique. It can easily make you give up or never start trying to make money online, or it can make you hire a web designer to create a website for you that can range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. This leads me to my next topic.

. Again, creating a website can be easily transferred to a third-party web designer who can build you on a professional professional website within 48-72 hours.

• Cost. When it comes to creating a product, you can easily say that you will have more startup costs than a partner. When it comes to setting up your sales funnel, you have certain costs, such as buying a domain, hosting your website, hiring a web designer to customize your website, if you don’t do it yourself by paying for the schedule to brand your product , etc.

. Many of you may ask yourself how much you are going to spend on your product creation business? Don't worry, take a deep breath … many of the things you pay for are really inexpensive. You can buy a domain for about $ 10, and hosting – about $ 5 per month. Now I want to introduce you to a site that will drastically change the way you do business, which is called . This is a community of people who are ready for almost anything for $ 5. Go and visit the site and see for yourself. In fact, you can create an information product on a topic of your choice, a created graphic and a book, and also create a website for 25-30 US dollars.

• Customer Service. As the owner of the product, you will be responsible for servicing and supporting your customers, and this in itself can drive you crazy and drain a lot of your time and energy. As in any business or offline, you will have your happy customers and your not-so-happy customers. Your customers will have questions, complaints, problems, etc., and you are responsible for ensuring that they receive the necessary support.

. Customer support can also be outsourced, but, unfortunately, this is related to the territory of any business and something that you have to deal with. Yes, you can get someone to take care of their customer service, but you should be as involved as possible to make sure they get the best support.

As you can see as the owner of the product, yes, you will control, yes, you will earn more money, and yes, you can build a brand, but there is much more responsibility than a marketing partner.
Before you wrap things up, you can touch on a few things that we can all coordinate in both affiliate marketing and product creation.

• Work from home. Regardless of whether you are a marketer or advertising your own products, you can also control your time and work at home. For many, it is very careful after luxury to be able to spend more time with family, friends, spouse, etc.

• Your day job. If you are not a supermarketer and were born with super-business skills on the Internet, most of you will still work in your workplace when you create your online business. With that said, you can build your online business based on part-time or full-time employment around your current work schedule, whether it is one hour a day or ten hours a day, regardless of what works for you, make sure that you support it in according to Make sure that you plan your business time on the Internet just as you plan any other event, and make it non-negotiable.

• You are the boss. Regardless of whether you sell as a partner or your own product, you are your own boss in both situations, and your income is directly dependent on your efforts. It also allows you to make money on demand. If you want to take a vacation or buy a new car, and you need a few thousand dollars, you can just jump onto your computer and create a new marketing campaign.

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In conclusion, there is really no right or wrong, better or worse, this was not the purpose of this article. The essence of this report was to shed light on both business models so that you can better know what you can expect in your online business. In my opinion, there should be no choice between affiliate marketing and creating your own product. You must integrate them into your business plan and get an education in both arenas. By doing this, you will quickly see that many top marketing partners are committing murder by selling their own products, and many people who sell their own products are committing murder as affiliate marketers.

One thing I want to emphasize is that what you do will take time, effort, and hard work. Do not fall into the trap that many newbies make who are constantly looking for the next plug and play system that will make you the next millionaire. И есть много «Гуру», которые охотятся на сообщество новичков и выпускают неработающие продукты, обещая миллионы долларов с хорошими страницами продаж, и вы продолжаете падать за них. СТОП !! Составьте план бизнес-плана, решите, что вы хотите выполнить, найдите одного уважаемого наставника, которому вы хотите следовать, и приступайте к работе! Сосредоточьтесь на следующем выбранном наставнике на весь ваш первый онлайн-доллар. Наконец, сделайте обещание самому себе, что вы не уйдете, прежде чем отправиться в путешествие!

К вашему успеху,

Джошуа Замора

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