CPA Networks – how do they work?

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You may have already heard about CPA marketing and, based on what you heard, you might think that this is the perfect business for you. It depends. There are some affiliates who earn thousands of dollars using CPA networks and their promotions, and some do not. So, what is the secret of success in CPA affiliate marketing and how CPA networks work?

The CPA network is a collection of online offers that merchants and companies seek to promote and advertise. They subscribe to the account of the advertiser, and they may have their own products, offers or services posted on the site. They agree with the rate they will pay for CPA partner networks for receiving traffic, potential customers, subscribers, or sales.

The CPA network then places these offers on its website and recruits affiliates to promote them. They pay these marketers a share of the profits, and depending on the level of customer participation, it can be a few dollars to several hundred dollars that you can earn for one fee. However, CPA networks do not really have to go there to find affiliates to promote offers, as more and more people want to start working with CPA networks every day. CPA means “Cost Per Action” or “Cost Per Acquisition”, which means that you pay only when the visitor takes action there and then.

How to apply for a CPA network

To apply for participation in the CPA network as an affiliate, you must first submit an online application with your data. Many affiliate networks do ask questions about the niche in which you are currently working, how much time you do affiliate marketing, and what your marketing methods are. You submit the form, and you can count on a call from the CPA network manager to clarify some things and verify their authenticity. You must be ready to answer some difficult questions and confidently by phone. If they don't call, you can also give them a ring.

What suggestions are there

You can count on having multiple offers on the CPA partner network. They can be classified by niche, country and level of participation. There are three main types of offers that you can advertise for the CPA network.

  1. E-mail or zip submit – this is the lowest payment and the most simple proposals for promotion. Usually the visitor only needs to fill in his name and email address so that you can receive money. However, these offers only pay a few dollars. If you can find a way to get a lot of traffic for these offers, you can still get a good income.
  2. Average participation – people must provide their personal data on the page to get free information. This may be a free trial or just an information package that they request. You pay more for the lead, but you also need to work harder, as the conversion rate will be much lower than when you send an email.
  3. High participation is when visitors who you send to CPA partner networks need to get your credit card and buy something from a merchant. This may be a subscription, membership, health product, software, but you will only be paid if your credit card payment is approved.

How to start

As with every business, you will need to make a plan and make sure that you choose the hottest partner methods and the best conversion offers. Each offer will have statistics called EPC. This means Profit Per Click, and you will need to make sure that it is as high as possible so that you can get a good income from affiliates from CPA networks.


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