How can you start making money on a free website within a week using Google AdSense in 5 easy steps?


On the Internet, you can get a free website in thousands of places. Most of us create free entertainment sites many times. We can start making money from these free websites within a week or less by posting Google AdSense ads.

Below are the steps you need to complete in order to start making money with AdSense.

Step 1. Create a free Website:

First you need to create a free website. You can get a free site in many places. Just do a Google search on free sites. You will get thousands of free website providers. Just go to one of them and create a website.

Step 2. Write content on these free websites:

Think about what you want to write on your website. Choose an item that you like, or you know a lot about it. It could be anything, for example, your personal life or someone's personal life, sports, fun or something else. Start writing a topic and write at least a few hundred words.

Step 3. Sign up for Google AdSense:

Now it's time to sign up for a free Google AdSense account. You can register at AdSense.Com. Please provide the address of the free website you created there. For this reason, we created a free website before registering with Google AdSense.

Step 4. Inserting advertisements on the website:

After you get Google For AdSense approval, you can log into your control panel and get advertising codes that you can then paste into HTML -codes of your website. It may take several days for approval.

Step 5. Promote the free website:

Now the last step is to promote this free website so that you can receive visitors and clicks and make money there. For basic promotion, you can add your sites using search engines, secret directories, social networks, etc. Thus, you are on your way to income. Just keep writing and advertising to increase your income as much as you want.


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