Making Money on Event Based Websites

#141: Earned It

This is nothing new. A good number of people make money, or at least try to make money on it.

The Idea
The idea is simple. You make websites for future events, such as the World Cup, the Olympic Games, etc., you are engaged in marketing, monetizing a website. These websites are based on time, probably earn only during the event.

I will try to explain the different parts of the process. Not in detail, in general.

. A budget of $ 20 for the project will be just great, considering that you know how to create a website. You should get a domain and hosting. These days, domains cost about $ 8 per year for names, the cost of hosting is about $ 5 per month for shared hosting.

Getting a domain name
A very important part of the process is choosing the right domain name. The domain must have IMO keywords to benefit from this process. If you can get the type of traffic for the domain that is best.

Site creation
You should make a very simple site with information. Not big websites, something with 10-15 pages will be fine. Make the headline a reflection of the event with a memorable banner. SEO should be kept in mind when developing a website. Few things to consider in SEO are page title, meta tags, h tags, internal links with keywords in the title, etc. A simple HTML site will be fine. Or, if you want to use scripted websites for convenience, you can do it too.

The best approach is to mix different sources of listening. For example, you can use Google AdSense along with affiliate links.

Make a link to the building in the same way as on other sites. Make some free blogs with links from articles pointing to the main site. During an event or a start earlier, you can use PPC campaigns, such as Google AdWords, to drive traffic to the main site.

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